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Trip Report:
London, April 12th-13th, 2002

(by Swan - AKA Demeter)

This was my fourth trip to see the show, and it was probably the best one, for many reasons.
First of all, I met three Cats-friends: Jenny, Kate (Magenta) and Claire. And some performers too. They all were brief meetings, but I enjoyed them all.
Then, it was a good trip also because I had enough time to walk all over the city and make my love for it increasing.
Oh, and on Saturday afternoon I also could see The Lion King: a great show, with wonderful costumes. You can’t miss it!
And finally… well, finally the two evening shows. About seats: on Friday I had B29 and on Saturday I had B28. Of course I can’t remember everything of the performances, so I won’t describe both them song by song… I’ll just write down my most strong feelings and memories. Warning: this is just the first, “poor” version of the report… as soon as possible, some waves and samples will come!   ;-)

Sorry to admit it, as Rum Tum Tugger is not my favourite character, but yes, John Partridge was the absolute leader. Of course it is not too difficult to attract attention when you play that sort of character, but it really seems that the RTT was created for him on purpose! The way of acting, singing, speaking, moving, going to kiss and hug members of the audience… I really enjoyed his performance!

Helen Harper as Tantomile and Emma Woods as Cassandra. Always intense, always concentrated, really mystical. During the Naming of Cats and the Moments of Happiness, they really seemed to be ready to scratch you if you disturbed them.
On Friday evening, at the end of the show, when the audience was cheering and applauding, Tantomile was in front of me, looking straight in my eyes. And, as I had liked very much her performance, I looked at her and smiled, as to say “good job, Helen!”. Do you think she smiled in reply? Absolutely not! She STILL was playing Tantomile, with her ice eyes and expression, and it was even more amazing!
A note about Emma Woods: when she was singing in front of me, I tried to listen carefully to her voice. Maybe it’s not as loud as the voice of other performers, but sure it’s one of the most clear, graceful and clean. Add this to her way of moving and dancing, and the conclusion is: that’s style, guys.

…Every time that Oliver Tydman’s voice surprised me, coming from behind! He was playing Coricopat... and definitely does not need loudspeakers!

This was my most frequent thought as I was looking at Kate Tydman playing Etcetera on Friday, and Rumpleteazer on Saturday. “Ooooh, now I see!” means “Now I understand why so many people on the Forum and on their websites always go on talking about Kate Tydman, and how good she is, and how an amazing dancer, and how she plays her characters, and how this and how that!” So, for all the folks who said those things: you were absolutely right!

Kittens, of course. Andrew Wright as Victor and Jye Frasca as Carbucketty were fantastic felines and made me feel the nostalgy for my two beloved cats at home!

Summer V-Strallen as Jellylorum, both evenings. It was a surprise because, at first, I was thinking “Hmmm, too young… that’s the face of a kitten…”. Then there was the Naming of Cats, and I still was thinking: “Hmmm… she keeps her voice too thin and high… I wonder how she will sing Gus…”
After hearing Bustopher, I had understood that I should not say “hmmm…” anymore! And when she sang Gus and played Griddlebone, it was definitely the moment to admit that I had been an idiot and she was really great. You would not believe that such a strong and loud voice is hidden in such a thin and delicate body. And I’m still not mentioning her interpretation of Griddlebone: I don’t think I ever laughed so much in my life!

Lynsey Britton (Rumpleteazer), there’s no doubt. She always smiles. ALWAYS. I started to think that you could beat her on her head with a baseball club, and she would smile anyway.

Jack Rebaldi as Munkustrap and Tiffany Graves as Bombalurina. Voices, dancing, acting: everything simply perfect. Nothing else to say.

Gareth Snooke (Gus) and Susie Fenwick (Jennyanydots). Doooon’t try to convince me that those two performers are not completely mad, deep in their mind! Their laughters and movings were fantastic and brought real cheerfulness. Oh, and, of course, unforgettable voices.

My friend Filippo, talking about Summer V-Strallen. “Amazing… beautiful… charming… fantastic…” etc etc. He didn’t stopped until we were back at the hotel.

“EHM, EHM… HEY, YOU!!!!!”
Those are the words that I said, of course laughing, to my husband when, in the end of the show, as the performers were on the edge of the stage greeting the audience, Tiffany Graves saw us and, I think, recognised us, so she smiled a lot in our direction. I replied to her smile and clapped my hands at her. My husband did the same… BUUUT… he just had that sort of loving glance lost in the air… you know… argh, MEN!!!!
Although… ehm, I must admit that my glances at Jack Rebaldi were not so innocent too! We met him at the stage door and he said me: “I remember, you’re the Italian girl, who was here last month with her husband!”, and I replied: “He still is my husband, but just because you didn’t phone me!”
Oh, well, just kidding, of course. "And there isn't any need for you to doubt it"!   :-)