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The Lyrics

So many performances of Cats, so many lyrics that changed during time. Sometimes songs are longer, sometimes they are shorter, sometimes they are rather different. I tried to write them in the most complete way I could find, and I hope I rescued also the less-known parts of them. Please, e-mail me if there's something missing or wrong.


When Cats are Maddened
by the Midnight Dance


Prologue: Jellicle Songs
for Jellicle Cats

The Naming of Cats

Invitation to the Jellicle Ball

The Old Gumbie Cat

The Rum Tum Tugger

Grizabella: the Glamour Cat

Bustopher Jones:
the Cat About Town

Mungojerrie and

Old Deuteronomy

The Awful Battle of the
Pekes and the Pollicles

The Jellicle Ball

Memory (1)

Why Will the Summer Day Delay -
When Will Time Flow Away

The Moments
of Happiness

Gus: the Theatre Cat

Growltiger's Last Stand

The Ballad of Billy M'Caw
&   In una Tiepida Notte

Skimbleshanks: the
Railway Cat

Macavity: the Mistery Cat

Mister Mistoffelees

Memory (2)

The Journey to the
Heavyside Layer

The Ad-Dressing of Cats