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In this page I would like to collect links to some articles about Cats, written by me or by other people.
First of all, I suggest to read these really interesting articles:

Eliot's Cats Come Out Tonight   by Janet Karsten Larson
This one is published on a website called "Religion online" and it examines how the original poems by T.S. Eliot were put in music and dance.

The Cats Technical Walkthrough   by Ed Moore
This one is published on the good website "Catsmusical.com" and describes some technical aspects (particulary about lights) which are necessary to let the musical work.

Growltiger's Last Stand Script   transcripted by Petra Lichtenecker
This is not an article, but the transcription of "Growltiger's Last Stand" script, based on the German production of Cats. The link will bring you to a website, built by Petra, where you'll be able to download the whole Word file with a right-click on the Growltiger-button.

Making it work: the 15 lives of Cats   by Daniel B. Schneider
This article was published on the New York Times (October 6th, 1996). Starting from a famous photograph which was took by Martha Swope in 1984, representing the Broadway cast of Cats, the journalist reveals us what happened to those performers, after 12 years from when the pic had been taken. It's like going back in the past... but with some bitter news.

Cats Begins 12th Season on Broadway
This is a brief article from the magazine Cat Fancy (December 1993). It's just an example of the connection between Cats (the show) and cats (the pets). Many fans of the musical are fond of their feline friends (and thanks to Fantasia for giving me the article!).

No cats like show Cats
This is an article published on The Herlald Online (July 2002) about the South-African cast of Cats which performed also in many other countries, such as Malaysa, Arab Emirates and so on.

Articles collected by Velvedere
This is a link to a page of a website which title is The Foyer. Its webmaster is Velvedere, and he collected several articles, interviews and reviews about the show.