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Milan, 1995: Intro

In 1994-95 a European Tour of Cats took place. The show opened in Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy too, where it took place in 1995, from March 4th to April 2nd, in Milan, at the PalaVobis (although the organizing body actually was the Teatro Smeraldo).

The show programme is all printed in black and white (except for the back-cover, where is printed the Jemima picture that you can see below) and contains some informations about cast, crew, and of course authors, characters and storyline. I'm sorry to admit that it's a very poor programme, not well-written and with lots of inexact or superficial informations. Anyway, I scanned some pictures from it and copied some data.

These pages about the Italian performance Cats would not exist if I had been not helped by Geppox, a real kind friend who made for me a copy of his show programme and scanned some pics from it. Thanks again, Geppox! A suggestion for the visitors of this pages: visit Geppox's site too. It's really nice and it contains some pages about various musicals (but, warning: it's in Italian!).